What You Need To Know About Venetian Blinds

Metal Venetian blinds are popular and as a matter of fact, do not cost much. They fit easily and can completely change the look and atmosphere of the room they are installed in. They are available in different colours that bring different effects. The warm reds and yellows can give off the summer look, the oranges and browns remind you of autumn, the cool greens, of spring and the whites, make long for winter. What is more interesting is that you can combine the colours in the way you want to create the theme or effect you want. Venetian blinds are cool and there is no surprise that they are one of the most popular blinds in the window treatment and improvement sector.

The Venetian blinds have different blinds and they come in different sixes. The sizes (width) you are most likely to see easily are 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. These slats are durable and sturdy as they are produced from light gauge aluminium. They are popular for their crash proof cord locks. They also provide a good dose of light control and privacy. Have you seen the metallic finish of the Venetian blinds? They are really magnificent. There are different ranges of Venetian blinds materials like aluminium, silver, chrome and mirror. They are also available in bright colours. If positioned in certain ways, perforated slats could produce some patterns of light and shade. Metal Venetian blinds can also produce a kind of wood effect.

The materials are available in five shades and you would see them in 25 mm and 50 mm slating widths. Let us digress a bit: There is a type of blind that is ornamental; it is called the Ondulette blind.  It can be used to create really magnificent designs; the slats would be cut and woven into the desired design. The blinds, like others, are available in different colours and they are produced with various controlling options.The easiest thing to know about blinds is the cord system. In every blind, will find a cord you can use to elevate the blind and also, a nylon tilt wand which can actually be twisted so you could bend the slats. There is also a mono commando system has a gear system that is operated by a chain.

Here is how it works: if the chain is pulled in one direction, the blinds get dropped, if it is pulled in another direction, the blinds get elevated. The mono commando system is more sophisticated than the cord system because it is compact (one system) and does pretty much the same job as the cord system.Also, some blinds are controlled by an electrical system. Some can be controlled with batteries and others can be controlled with power. You should note that the battery controlled system is cheaper than the power controlled system- you've probably guessed that already. If you use the battery controlled system, you won't have to hide any wires to hide which makes everything kind of neat. It is controlled by a remote control unit that will be concealed behind the blind.

However, the remote can only be used to tilt the slats, you will have to manually elevate and lower the blinds. If the blind is powered electrically though, it won't have to be elevated or lowered manually.


The process involved in cleaning and maintaining Venetian blinds is easy. But you have to be careful especially when you are dealing with painted Venetian blinds. You have to ensure that the slats do not come in contact in any rough way as this could cause a scratch and dent in the paintwork.


The problem with having a scratch slat is that they will be at the mercy of corrosive elements and moisture and this does nothing but weakens and deteriorates the condition of the slat. You should also make sure that you do not push or force the slats to a side if you are trying to take a peek outside for whatever reason.


This is necessary because force can make the slat to bend and this will ruin the total look of the window. If this happens, you may also need to replace with new slats. You can only do this by removing the whole blinds and installing a new one. This will gulp money, it will.


So how do you clean your Venetian blinds? You can use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure the slats are closed before you start cleaning. Start vacuuming from top to bottom. Hold the blind firmly with one hand and use the free hand to clean.


Be careful while cleaning that the blind is not handled roughly. If you do not want to use the vacuum cleaner, you can make use of a soft dry cloth. Note the key words here, "soft and dry". A wet cloth is not advisable because it will leave behind stains. You can also wear soft and clean gloves when cleaning.


The glove material should be cotton. Metal Venetian blinds can also be made for custom windows but the manufacturer would need the width and drop information. The width would get measured in about three places and the minimum measurement will be taken note of. The dado rails and tiles would be taken into deliberation when measuring. The drop would also be measured in about two to three places.


If the intention is to install the metal Venetian blind outside the recess of the window, an extra 50mm would be calculated on each side. Venetian blinds are really cool and are rest assured that they would be absolutely ideal for creating a heavenly feel in your home. Another type of blind I would have loved to write about is the vertical blinds, especially when it is for the living room. You will find more  about it here: shop with living room vertical blinds



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